Saturday, July 18, 2015

Thomas Paul Niedermeier - living in our memory

Family lineage: 1 Thomas Paul Niedermeier and Linda Jean Hayward, 2 Timothy Hayward Niedermeier and Deanna Lynn Niedermeier

1943 - 2005

Linda and Tom with niece and nephew, Lisa and Scott

Their wedding was a legend - with stories often told;  those stories bring back memories made of solid gold:
  • of a lost ring and wedding cake;
  •  a tonsil-stricken bride; 
  • a wrongly tailored jacket;
They took it all in stride.

Tom's deep voice carried far and wide with laughter, songs and groans.
You could always see him coming and hear the floor boards moan.
His big hands seemed gigantic as they neared our pain-filled teeth,
And yet he'd gently fix those holes and soon there'd be relief.


So as the years went racing by, he added to his story - with tales of kids, Air Force days and times of fun and glory. We knew him as a kindly man, but surely not an angel. We learned from him and watched in awe as problems he’d untangle.

We must admit that in our hearts we'd always had the hope

That though his life might hit some bumps, he could always cope.

We learned the frailty of that dream when illness closed his eyes,

The helplessness we felt that week created heartfelt cries.

Tim, Linda, Deanna and Tom Niedermeier - 2004

It’s no surprise his Lord knew best, and beckoned him to go.

For surely if he'd stayed on earth, his problems soon  would grow,

This giant of a man would wilt and pain would cloud his eyes

Instead his spirit flew away, his cares left far behind.

We're thankful for his time with us, we remember well those years,

and celebrate the good times, while sometimes shedding  tears.

Yes, our family had a loss: a strong man full of fun,

But we know he'll hover near 'til our own time is done.

Written in memory of my brother-in-law who left us on October 22, 2005 before he had a chance to know and love his new daughter-in-law or the  four grandchildren who joined the family after his death.   But as the years go by, his story will continue to enrich and entertain all those who  hear them, and if they listen carefully, they might even hear the echo of his deep laughter..
Judy Copeland